我如何申请联邦财政援助?  完成 免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA).  一定要包括全球最大的网投平台的学校代码 002013. 你必须在每个学年(8月至7月)完成新的FAFSA。. FAFSA每年10月1日生效.      

研究生有奖学金吗? 是的! 你可以通过以下途径申请捐赠奖学金和部门奖学金 学术著作. 欲知更多详情及截止日期,请浏览我们的 奖学金的页面. 也, we send out scholarship opportunities periodically throughout the school year via your student email.  

我是今天被录取的100%在线加速学生. 我多久才能获得经济资助? Our office cannot begin the awarding process until a student have been fully admitted to the program.  所有学术成绩单必须收到并评估.  Please allow our office approximately two weeks once you have received confirmation of admission to the program 和 all financial aid documents have been received.  

如何查看我的申请状态? 登录到 myLSUS.  Go to 金融援助>金融援助 Application Status>Select appropriate year.  如果有危险信号,请找到相应的 LSUS财政援助文件.  如果您被选中进行验证, please keep in mind that this process can take up to 2 weeks (or longer during peak times) to complete. 

我的FAFSA被选中进行验证. 这是什么意思?? 因为FAFSA是一个自我报告的申请, some students are required to submit additional paperwork to verify the data reported on the FAFSA. Our office will ask you to provide the necessary documentation to verify your information. Please allow our office approximately 10 - 14 business days to review your paperwork. Verification must be complete before our office can determine how much aid you are eligible to receive. This is one reason it is important to complete your FAFSA as early as possible. 

我如何看待我的经济援助奖励?  登录到 myLSUS.  Go to 金融援助>金融援助 Awards>Select appropriate year. 

我需要“接受”我的经济资助吗? 是的! 你需要在开始之前接受你的经济援助 每学期. You can do this approximately 2 weeks before the fee payment deadline each semester.  登录到 myLSUS.  Go to 金融援助 > 金融援助 Acceptance > Accepted change No to 是的 for the semester > Save Changes. 

How much financial aid is available for LSUS Accelerated Online graduate students? 研究生入学 兼职 (每学期3学时) are eligible to receive the Direct Unsubsidized loan with a limit of $20,500.每学年00英镑. 一些毕业生每年的学费不到20,500美元. Typically, this amount is split evenly amongst the six modules of the academic year. For example, a typical accelerated student academic year award will be similar to the following: 


我需要多少小时才能获得学生贷款?  You must be enrolled 兼职 or half-time status to receive a student loan.  出于经济援助的目的,入学状况基于以下内容:   







9 +小时



AP1/1C, AP2/1D





Optional foundation 500 level coursework are not used to determine 兼职 or half-time status for financial aid purposes.  Enrollment status is not official until after the last day to drop a class or the census date for each session or semester.     

研究生还有其他贷款吗? Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans are designed to assist eligible graduate 和 professional students needing to borrow additional funds up to LSU’s specified cost of attendance.  贷款审批是基于美国银行制定的信誉标准.S. 教育部.  学生可以借到最多相当于出勤费的钱,再减去其他资助.  Please contact the financial aid office before applying for this loan since not all graduate 和 professional students qualify for PLUS due to cost of attendance.  学生可以在以下网址申请研究生PLUS贷款 studentaid.政府.  全球最大的网投平台不参与私人学生贷款项目.

什么是TEACH奖助金? The Teacher Education Assistance for College 和 Higher Education (TEACH) Grant program provides aid for students who are completing or plan to complete course work needed to begin a career in teaching.  The 教授予 is different from other federal student grants because it requires certain kinds of classes in order to receive the grant, 和 a certain kind of post-graduation job to keep the grant from turning into a loan.  您可以在我们的网站上找到更多关于 教授予 和 studentaid.政府.

我如何减少或拒绝我的学生贷款? You can reduce or decline the loan on your paper award letter 和 return it to our office or you can complete 和 return the Aid Adjustment Form found 在这里.  将填妥的表格电邮至 finaid@youmendao.net 从你的学生电子邮件帐户. 请预留5-7个工作日完成调整. 

如果您计划在每个会话中注册不同的小时数, 你需要请求调整 每个会话 确保你有足够的资助来支付该课程的费用. Our office does not individually monitor your account to make specific automatic adjustments each session.  

Can I use my financial aid 和 scholarships to pay for my Pilots Pointe Apartments?  是的!  Financial aid 和 scholarships can be used to pay for housing at Pilots Pointe.  你的收费会被列在我的lsus上.  如果你的经济援助不仅仅是学杂费, 然后我们会把多余的钱用在你的住房余额上.  如果你的经济援助不能支付你的全部住房余额, 你可以按月支付剩余的租金. 

我可以用助学金买书吗? 是的. 如果你有超过学杂费的经济援助, 你可以在网上买书,也可以亲自去书店买书 全球最大的网投平台书店 using your financial aid credit balance approximately 2 weeks before the start of classes for each term. 只需选择使用你的经济援助作为付款方式.  

我什么时候能收到助学贷款余额的退款? 如果您需要信用余额退款,则会发出退款 每学期最后一日/普查日后5-7个工作天重要的财政援助提醒/更新 在“信用余额退款的支付日期”下列出退款日期.   

 我注册了AP1/1C和AP2/1D课程. My tuition for both classes was taken out of my first (AP1/1C) financial aid disbursement. 为什么? Your financial aid will pay for ANY outst和ing tuition 和 fee charges on your account at the time of disbursement. 如果您希望您的AP1/1C付款只支付AP1/1C课程, 您一次只能注册一个会话. Once your aid has disbursed for AP1/1C, you may then add your AP2/1D courses.  

这是过去的人口普查日期,为什么我的学生贷款没有记入? Our office may be missing your Master Promissory Note (MPN) 和 Loan Entrance Counseling. 请登入 studentaid.政府 完成这些电子文件. LSUS应在完成后2个工作日内收到. PLEASE NOTE: Accelerated 100% online graduate students must complete the MPN for Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans. 不完成研究生加MPN.

我的助学金信贷余额退还多少? 减去你的学杂费, 书指控, 和 any other University charges from the total aid amount credited for the semester.  差额就是你的退款金额. 您可以通过 myLSUS.  联络会计服务318.797.5275 or 会计_Services@youmendao.net 有问题吗?.

我没有得到任何经济援助,但我想建立一个付款计划. 我怎么做呢? 你可以在myLSUS上设置付款计划. 联系会计服务办公室,电话:318-797-5275 会计_Services@youmendao.net 有问题吗?.

我制定了一个付款计划,但后来获得了经济援助. 我需要付下一笔钱吗? 你应该为任何预定的草稿做好准备.  付款计划直到 财政援助已记入. Financial aid does not credit until after the census date for each session (see dates above). Payment plans will be adjusted/reconciled within 10-14 business days 后 财政援助已记入. 

我挂了一门课. 我还有资格申请学生贷款吗? 也许.  请参阅我们的 满意的学业进步政策这就解释了保持联邦资助的学术要求.  

退学会影响我的经济资助吗? 也许. 这取决于你放弃了多少课程, 你得到的援助类型, 以及它是如何影响你的学业进步的. We encourage students to contact our office when they are considering dropping a course to find out how it will specifically affect them. 熟悉我们的家庭也很重要 满意的学业进步政策.  

如果我不得不放弃所有的课程,我的助学金会怎么样? 如果你收到学生贷款和/或教育补助金,并放弃 所有 在完成本学期60%的课程之前, 你可能会欠一部分助学金给学校. 请 在这里 了解更多信息.

如果我不参加会议会发生什么? 付款将只发生在您注册的课程中. T在这里fore, pending disbursements will be cancelled for the session(s) in which you do not attend. In some circumstances, aid awarded for future sessions will also be cancelled. 一旦你重新注册,你应该在myLSUS上确认你的财务状况.  If your financial aid does not appear on myLSUS please contact the 金融援助 Office.

我可以在哪里索取1098-T表格? 1098-T表格可于 myLSUS 在“我的财务”下. Any questions regarding these forms should be directed to the 会计 Services at 318.797.5275 or 会计_Services@youmendao.net

我找不到问题的答案.  我在哪里可以找到更多的信息?  请致电318-797-5363或发电子邮件至我们的办公室 finaid@youmendao.net.  我们很乐意回答你的经济援助问题.


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