• 2.5+ overall undergraduate grade point average (with no graduate work attempted) OR 2.平均绩点75+(过去60个研究生学时)**
  • 完成认可的高等教育资格
  • 面试,如果项目要求的话
  • Official academic transcripts from all secondary and tertiary/higher education institutions attended must be received by the University no later than 30 days prior to the start of your program.
  • 逐个课程的证书评估使用的成员 全国证书评估服务协会 或者是 国际证书评估员协会¥
  • 国际医学毕业生提交证书评估 www.fsmb.org or www.ecfmg.org


考试成绩 - GMAT或GRE成绩,如果项目要求


  • 申请费30美元
  • 英语证明(如适用)(见下文)
  • 护照照片页的彩色照片
  • 经济支持宣誓书 
  • 免疫形式 
  • 健康保险证明(在到达前提供)


anne - marie Bruner-Tracey
办公室: +1.318.798.4134 
电子邮件: 安妮玛丽.Bruner-Tracey@全球最大的网投平台.edu

    • 托福考试
      • PBT 500+
      • 托福考61分
    • 雅思考试 – 6.总分0+,5分.每个组件5+
    • PTE -总分47+
    • Duolingo -总分105+

 Some applicants may be exempt from 英语 proficiency requirements if they:

  • Earned a US high school diploma or any degree from an accredited US tertiary/higher education institution
  • Scored 500+ on the Reading and Writing section of the SAT; or 20+ on the 英语 section of the ACT
  • 有一个2.5 overall GPA with 30 credit hours of university-level coursework at a regionally accredited US higher education institution, 包括数学和英语各一门非补习课程, 或连续两次非补习英语课程
  • Are a national of or completed secondary or tertiary education in a country where 英语 is the official primary language of instruction (some departments or degree programs may still require 英语 proficiency tests or an additional interview): Anguilla; Antigua and Barbuda; Australia; The Bahamas; Barbados; Belize; British Virgin Islands; Canada; Cayman Islands; Dominica; Ghana; Gibraltar; Grenada; Guyana; Ireland; Jamaica; Kenya; Lesotho; Malta; Mauritius; Montserrat; New Zealand; Nigeria; Seychelles; Singapore; South Africa; St Kitts and Nevis; St Lucia; St Vincent and the Grenadines; Trinidad and Tobago; Turks and Caicos Islands; Uganda; United Kingdom; Zambia; Zimbabwe.


至关重要的是,你有支持来支付你的出席费用. While it is possible for a small number of students to work on campus, this is not guaranteed.              

Costs listed are estimates for a total of two semesters (one academic year) and are based on a course load of 15 credit hours (usually 5 classes) per semester. Costs for classes taken during summer or break periods are in addition to costs listed below.

                预计费用:2023- 2024年




$  1,200


$  8,000


$     800



国际奖学金 – All international campus-based applicants are considered f或者是 国际奖学金 upon submission of the Application for Admission.


  • 2.中学总绩点0+,或同等学历
  • 24 act / 1160 sat
  • 仅限于8个学期






$  1,200


$  8,000


$      800






奖学金保留要求 (每年保留奖学金)

  • 全日制信誉最好的网投十大平台
  • 总绩点5+
  • 每学年必须成功修满24学分以上

就业 - F-1学生只能参加校内工作. Available positions are posted by our Office of 职业服务 on the 握手 platform, 在学生门户网站中,哪些只对被录取的学生开放.

Campus-based international undergraduate students enter the US as F-1 student visa holders.


  1. 收到你的录取通知书
  2. Receive your I-20 form (this can only be issued after LSUS has received both your 经济支持宣誓书 and a copy of your passport photo page)
  3. 在网上申请你的非移民签证 ds - 160表格 
  4. 支付签证申请处理费(费用列在当地) 美国大使馆或领事馆 网站)
  5. 支付 SEVIS I-901费用 
  6. 在你当地的美国大使馆或领事馆安排你的签证面试
  7. 参加签证面谈



  • 持有有效护照
  • 保持全日制信誉最好的网投十大平台
  • 在放弃完整的学习课程之前获得事先授权
  • 遵守美国联邦就业法规
  • 地址变更应在10天内向留学生办公室报告
  • Report program changes (including program dates or level of study) to the 国际 Student Office
  • Notify the 国际 Student Office of any dependents who will accompany you
  • Obtain 转移 Authorization prior to transferring to another US institution
  • 在指定的宽限期内离开美国


NB: This information is provided as unofficial guidance only and is subject to change without notice. 请咨询美国国务院以获得最准确的信息.

飞行员角公寓 accommodates over 450 students in luxurious studio, two-bedroom, or four-bedroom apartments. Floor plans feature spacious living areas, private bedrooms, and fully-furnished kitchens. An eight-foot perimeter fence surrounds the community with electronically controlled limited access. 设施包括一个室外游泳池, 极可意水流按摩浴缸, 沙排球场, 还有一个带大屏幕电视的会所. 一个学术环境加上一系列的教育, 休闲, 以及社会项目, 由现场居住生活人员协调, 提高LSUS学生的整体大学体验. 

在校园步行距离内还有其他公寓选择. It is highly recommended to arrange to view external accommodation in person before making any payments.


We strongly recommend flying into Shreveport Regional Airport (SHV) as it can be challenging and costly to arrange ground transportation from the closest hub airports (DFW – Dallas-Ft. Worth; IAH – Houston; or MSY – New Orleans). Since you will not be able to find a direct flight from your country to SHV, you will want to ensure that you allow 3-4 hour connection time at your airport of entry to go through the US Port of Entry and US 移民 and Customs.

  • F-1 students may arrive in the US up to 30 days before the start of their first term, 但是要注意临时住房的费用.
  • The 国际 到来 date each semester will be provided to students upon issuance of their immigration documents and is typically at least one day prior to scheduled New Student 取向.
  • Airport Meet-and-Greet is available only on official 国际 到来 dates and must be confirmed by the date requested in your welcome letter.
  • Please keep the 国际 Student Office advised of your travel arrangements and arrival.


New Student 取向 is provided before each semester begins and is mandatory for international students!

  • Spring 2024 – Express 取向 – Friday 5 January 2024 (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Fall 2024 – New Student 取向 – Friday 16 August 2024 (undergraduate only)
  • 查阅有关新生介绍的最新资料, 以及其他即将到来的约会, 去 visit.youmendao.net.

¥ 例如,过去的学生使用了以下评估器: 世界教育服务; SpanTran; 教育证书评估员 和其他人.