As a parent or guardian, you probably have some questions about college life at LSU Shreveport. 安全吗?? 这要花多少钱? 他们会接受一流的教育吗? 毕业后有什么选择?


Below we've provided some 常见问题 that may help answer some of your questions. We've also provided some helpful links to pages that can help you locate more info or connect you with real humans that can answer your questions.

在全球最大的网投平台, we want you to feel confident that your child is getting a quality education and setting themselves up for success in their adult lives and future careers. 



Find out if your student meets the qualifications to become an LSUS Pilot!


Learn more about 金融援助 options at LSU Shreveport to help you afford a world-class education for your student.


With institutional scholarships and LSUS 基金会 and Noel 基金会 scholarships available, 你的学生毕业时可能不会负债!


We want to ensure equitable education options for all students. Our 残疾人服务 office can help your student fina accomodations that work for them.


Find phone numbers and email addresses for faculty and staff.


Dr. 葆拉·阿特金斯, 全球最大的网投平台学生事务主任, is responsible for ensuring the academic integrity of our students, 还有他们的健康和幸福.


LSUS is a very safe campus with round the clock law enforcement presence from friendly, 经验丰富的军官.


Did you know your student's 金融援助 can be used to pay for housing at Pilots Pointe Apartments?


Financial aid and PilotCash allow students to utilize the vending machines, 港口格栅, 栈和其他食物的校园选择.

LSUS坚持 家庭教育权利和隐私法. 你可以阅读更多全球最大的网投平台的承诺 在这里.

Results of the student's ACT scores determine placement in 英语 and Math courses. ACT scores are the most objective and accurate measure available to predict a student's performance in college classes, 比如英语和数学. 的se scores are carefully reviewed in light of the student's previous educational experience and desired college curriculum.

的 cost of attending LSUS (tuition and fees) is based upon a number of factors, such as residency status and the number of hours a student is enrolling. 完整的收费时间表可在 学费和杂费页面.

All 金融援助 decisions are based upon the results of the Federal Application for Free Student Aid (FAFSA). Information regarding this process is available at the 全球最大的网投平台财政援助办公室. FAFSA表格是在线填写的. 了解更多信息, contact the 全球最大的网投平台财政援助办公室 in-person in the administration building office 159 or by phone at 797-5363.

LSUS offers a variety of assistance for students with disabilities, 是否一种学习, 物理, 心理, 或者感觉障碍. 的 student must contact the 残疾人服务 Coordinator, 谁负责协调学校的住宿. 该学生将参加一个简短的面试, 提供禁用条件的文件和, 如果确定有资格获得服务, assist the coordinator in developing the most appropriate accommodations. 更多信息,请访问 残疾人服务 浏览更多信息.

Only your student can provide you with this information. 的 1974年《家庭教育权利和隐私法 (FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment) is a federal law that provides guidelines for educational institutions regarding protection and release of student education record information. This law states that the right to inspect an educational record is limited solely to the student; parents have no in在这里nt rights to inspect the educational record. 

Family support can play a key role in any student’s academic success. Students coming directly to LSUS from high school may encounter challenges beyond the academic rigor of their classes as they explore their new adult independence. Non-traditional students may feel anxious about their decision to return to school or their ability to reach their goals.

作为父母, 配偶, 合作伙伴, 或孩子, you can assist your college students by providing a supportive community while respecting boundaries. 倾听他们的担忧并表达支持, while allowing them to adjust to their new learning environment and discover their own solutions to problems.

Here are some ways in which you can support your student:

  1. Make school a priority: provide your resident student with a dedicated study area and respect his or her need to devote time to study.
  2. Encourage your student to remain in close contact with his or her instructors and academic advisor.
  3. Encourage your student to ask for help sooner rather than later. Talking about a problem with an instructor or academic advisor is far more likely to lead to positive resolution than struggling with it alone.
  4. 熟悉LSUS提供的资源. This will allow you to make useful suggestions if your student comes to you with specific questions. 这里有一些你应该知道的资源:
    •   学生成功中心 offers one-on-one tuition to students who want additional help writing assignments.
    • 的  诺埃尔纪念图书馆 provides a place to study, as well as online and 物理 research resources. If your family situation makes study at home impossible, your college student might appreciate the quiet environment of the library.
    • 关于学习成绩如何影响的信息  金融援助  可以在这个网站上找到吗.